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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Welcome to my new website!

Dear Friends-

When I ran for City Council, I promised a new era of open, accessible, responsive government. Through my Constituent Bill of Rights and my weekly office hours, I have tried to make that promise real. Today, we start to fulfill that promise online as well. I am proud to unveil a new, user-friendly and interactive website.

Since I took office July 1, we have had a basic shell of a website. Our new website has a whole lot more:

Hot Topics
We are going to keep this webpage fresh and lively, with constantly updated information and content. Located at the top of my home page, this section will link you to the latest news from District 11 or the City of Los Angeles.

I am leaping into the 21st Century with a web log (blog, for short). A popular form of internet communication, this online journal will allow me to share with you my views on the issues that come before the council or my various committees, allow me to share with you an interesting article I read, link you to an important document, or tell you about something or someone exciting in the 11th District. I won't be the only blogger on the site, though. Members of my council staff will occasionally post items of interest, sharing with you the projects and issues they work on.

Empowerment Congress Info
The 11th District Empowerment Congress is coming! Since I was a candidate, I wanted to form a representative assembly of my constituents to help me think about and lobby on certain issues. Applications are available to join the Empowerment Congress.

Service Request Forms
You can now use our website to request help getting a pothole filled, getting your tree trimmed, or getting other key city services.

We now have an extensive online guide that gives you contact information for services offered by the City of Los Angeles and other agencies. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, giving you information and tips of how to navigate the bureaucracy and get city services.

Our online library, which is still under construction, will include archives of all my motions, resolutions, important letters, speeches, and news clips.

LA CityView
You can now watch Channel 35 online, through a portal on our website. You'll be able to watch council and commission meetings from anywhere you have a high-speed connection.

Virtual Town Hall
One of my goals is to always make sure more and more people are drawn into the process. Since taking office, I have held numerous Town Hall forums on various issues throughout the district. You can look forward to many more. At the same time, we are going to start using "Virtual Town Hall", a new technology that allows people with conflicting opinions to engage in discussion in a lively online forum. For instance, when a controversial issue, such as inclusionary zoning or DWP rate hikes, comes before the council, we will open a Virtual Town Hall and allow everyone to weigh in with their views.

We have updated and expanded the "Issues" section of our website, giving you a detailed look at my agenda and accomplishments since taking office.

Managed Subscriptions
While I am constantly complimented on our email blasts, we always look to do better. Now, we offer a subscription management tool, allowing you to choose which type of news you want to get from me. Interested in just planning or transportation news? Just public safety news? Or do you want to hear about everything? You can choose.

And a lot more...
We have more in store for the website in the coming weeks and months, too. I hope you find the new site helpful and useful. If you encounter any problems, find any broken links, or have any suggestions for improvements or new features, please email Safiya Jones, my communications deputy, at safiya.jones@lacity.org.




Blogger Kurt and Haldis Toppel said...

Bill, your new web site is terrific, your promises fulfilled. Thank you for giving of your time, your energy, your vision, and most of all your embracing smile. Your leadership supports and enhances the quality of life in our community, truly a priceless gift.

6:44 PM  

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