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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lincoln Place Evictions on Hold

From our press release file:

AIMCO to Halt Evictions until End of August, Provide More Time for Relocation

LOS ANGELES – City Councilman Bill Rosendahl today announced that the owners of the Lincoln Place Apartments have agreed to delay any further evictions until the end of August.

Patti Shwayder, senior vice president of AIMCO, the company that owns and plans to redevelop the 37-acre property in Venice, told Rosendahl late this afternoon that the company would voluntarily halt eviction proceedings for three more months and allow remaining tenants to consider "enhanced relocation" packages.

"I am thrilled by this news," Rosendahl said. "It gives everyone involved a little time to take a deep breath and assess their options. This was the fair and right thing for AIMCO to do for the seniors and the disabled tenants."

Following years of legal battles, voluntary departures, and a round of evictions last December, fewer than 50 households remain at Lincoln Place. All of the remaining households contain individuals who are senior citizens or who are disabled. After talks between AIMCO, the Lincoln Place Tenants Association, and other interested parties fell apart earlier this month, eviction proceedings were scheduled to resume as soon as June 1.

In a telephone call this afternoon, Schwayder told Rosendahl that the remaining tenants would receive formal letters from AIMCO this week, giving them each 30 days to negotiate individual relocation offers with AIMCO. At the same time, AIMCO would agree to hold off on any eviction proceedings until August 31.

AIMCO has hired LA-based Shober Consulting to work with each tenant to develop individually tailored relocation packages. Schwayder said that since October 2004, hundreds of tenants have accepted packages, which included finding new homes, cash payments and moving expenses. Many tenants have rejected previous packages as deceptive and inadequate. They contend the evictions are illegal and residents should be allowed to remain at the property at rent control rates for life.

The news of the delay in evictions caps a week of intense developments over the controversial property. Last week, the Lincoln Place Tenants Association agreed to hold off for a few days on a lawsuit against AIMCO and the City of Los Angeles, claiming previous evictions had been illegal. On Sunday, Rosendahl met with remaining tenants, and urged them to follow their consciences, but at least meet with AIMCO's relocation officials. Yesterday, the City Council rejected, by a vote of 8-5, a Rosendahl motion directing the Planning Department to unilaterally record restrictive development conditions on the Lincoln Place property.

"I have said time and time again that I will never give up hope," Rosendahl said. "Until the sheriffs show up at the door, there is still a chance for a fair resolution and for a happy ending."

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