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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, June 27, 2006

LAPD and LAX Police: Together at Last

Today, I joined Mayor Villaraigosa, Chief Bratton, Lydia Kennard, and Councilmembers Garcetti, Hahn and Weiss to announce the new agreement between LAPD and LAX police.

For too long, the two agencies have attempted to come to a consensus in terms of their respective duties at LAX. As mentioned in today’s Daily Breeze article, both sides had fought to maintain independent authority.

Today, the dispute has ended and the two agencies stand as one in an effort to improve public safety.

I am delighted with the memorandum of understanding between the airport police and the LAPD. This agreement establishes a unified front to protect the airport, makes safety and security the highest priority at LAX and provides each unit with joint authority over airport security issues. It also updates an official protocol, which clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of both organizations.

The airport police and LAPD can now work together, efficiently and effectively, to better serve the public and better protect the airport. This is definitely a step in the right direction for our City’s public safety.



Anonymous Dave Curiel said...

It was never about "working together" as so many, even Bratton himslef has claimed.but its about "power and money" .ie.e who controls a virtual untapped resource of funding for LAPDs "wish lists" of equipment and manpower,plus the EXTRA money ,in terms of free and EASY overtime paid to current LAPD officers who do nothing but sit at checkpoint terminal entrances at LAX for "time and a half" compensation, rather than patrol and have to WORK for same in thsi cities' meaner areas. How is it that LAXPD went from being incompetent and needing to be disbanded ( according to Bratton and Rabid Anti -LAXPD Councilman Jack weiss) to now being a productive partner in this unified plan of Airport safety?) The Airport PD has,as it has always done- provided trouble and scandal free service to the citizens and the Dept of the Airports without much fanfare or demand from the citizens. The Only reason LAPD turned its attention to LAX and the Airport PD was 9/11 and the visions of federal funding to shore up its crumbling infrastructure,pay for the myriad of lawsuits its "Rambo mentality " officers have( or have you forgotten that the "consent decree" got EXTENDED-so much for LAPD changing its ways), and to keep the LAPD name visible in the media lights.

Take a look into the past and you'll see that the current MOA with LAPD and LAXPD is the SAME as the MOAS in the past- and like int the past, LAPD will quietly fail to live up to their end of the MOA once attention on the issues goes away- just like they do many parts of this city,when the cameras are not showing the misery of poor policing services.LAPD has a long way to go to change itself, and trying to take over another city dept, that can function without LAPD, is not the answer.The $$ and manpower LAPD will try to infuse into LAX could be better used else where in the city.......

5:09 PM  

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