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Friday, June 01, 2007

Palisades Citizen of the Year Awards

Last Thursday night I celebrated with the Palisades Community in honoring four amazing Palisadians. Several hundred people turned out to celebrate the achievements these citizens have made in the community.

Emil Wroblicky was named the Citizen of the Year. He has worked tirelessly over the past year on behalf of American Legion Post 283 and on the Palisades Fourth of July parade committee. Emil has showed a true sense of dedication to spreading a patriotic spirit in Pacific Palisades.

Betty Lou Young was named the Community Treasure. As a 53 year resident of the Pacific Palisades, Betty has been able to enlighten the community as the author of many books that outline the hard-fought community battles and the landscape of the community. Her works have helped to preserve the history and small town feel of the Pacific Palisades.

John Grosse received the Sparkplug award for his on going efforts to ease the traffic congestion and parking concerns at Marquez Charter Elementary school. The school and its neighbors are very appreciative of his efforts on this front.

Lisa Taylor also received the Sparkplug award for personally maintaining and removing graffiti from the Haverford Avenue stairway. Her dedication is admirable. She continues to help keep Pacific Palisades a beautiful community in which to live.

Congratulations to this cadre of fantastic Palisadians!



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