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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Friday, April 07, 2006

Lincoln Place Update

Some very positive news to report: Lincoln Place mediations are on track.

A few weeks, ago, Bill announced that Peter Robinson of the Straus Institute for Conflict Resolution at Pepperdine had agreed to convene the mediations and help bring tenants, owners and other parties back to the table and choose a mediator. Well, Robinson did such a great job that everyone drafted him into service to be the actual mediator.

The official mediations will begin at the end of next week. At the table will be representatives of: the Lincoln Place Tenants Association; AIMCO, the owners of the property; various preservationist groups; the Venice Community Coalition; the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council; the Venice Community Housing Corporation; and the City of Los Angeles.

Bill's objective in the mediations is to find a way to stop any more evictions, bring back the tenants evicted in December, and protect the community's interests and the community's right to an open, public process for any proposed future developments on the site.

-Mike Bonin, Chief of Staff


Anonymous IngridinVenice said...

Good Tuesday, May 2, 2006!!

Thanks, Gracias, Merci, Tak Mukke!!
for your 'stand' during Mediation,
Bill and Mike!
Although 'at halt' this week, Lincoln Place Tenants haven't lost commitment/hope/insistence/belief/ true understanding of issues.

Confident in you2
IM:-) at Lincoln Place

11:50 AM  

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