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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Del Rey: Distinct and Diverse

About a week ago, the Los Angeles Times featured an article in their Real Estate section on Del Rey. I am the Field Deputy to Del Rey (and Mar Vista), and also a fourth generation Del Rey resident. Since starting this job, I have labored to explain to my own family and friends that they live in Del Rey - not to be confused with Marina Del Rey or Playa Del Rey. Marina Del Rey Middle School, the Venice Japanese Community Center, and the Mar Vista Gardens Housing Projects all fall within Del Rey’s borders, so you can understand the confusion.

Del Rey, which celebrated its 5th Annual Del Rey Day in October 2006, is beginning to form its own identity thanks to the efforts of dedicated community leaders and organizations. In collaboration with the Del Rey Neighborhood Council, our office is working to get City of Los Angeles/Del Rey signs placed along the border to distinguish this diverse, yet distinct area from its neighbors.

To find out more about the Del Rey community, please visit:

Del Homeowners and Neighbors Association http://www.delreyhome.org/
Mar Vista Family Center http://www.marvistafc.org/
Venice Japanese Community Center http://www.vjcc.com/
Del Rey Neighborhood Council http://groups.yahoo.com/group/drnc/

To read the LA Times article, please click here.

Nicole Velasquez
Del Rey and Mar Vista Deputy


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