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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Monday, February 26, 2007

Tom Bradley International Terminal

They say that history has a way of repeating itself. Today, we celebrated the beginning of history repeating itself by breaking ground on the renovations to the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). TBIT was built prior to the 1984 Olympic Games to give the world a good first impression of our City when they came to watch their athletes compete.

And so now, as we begin our campaign for the 2016 Games, we begin the process of renovating our international terminal so that we can again ensure that the first impression travelers get of our City is one that makes us proud.

The newly renovated TBIT will make us proud too, as it will be a LEED certified building. That means that it will be energy efficient and will have less impact on the environment. It is important that as we move forward with the modernization of LAX that we act as a good neighbor and a good citizen. We are showing our commitment to that principle by making TBIT as green as possible.

I'm very excited that we are getting started on these renovations and taking the steps necessary to create the world class airport we deserve.



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