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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Re-Lighting the Historic VENICE Sign

As Bill and I pulled into the parking lot for the Venice Fest around 7:30pm, there was a sense of electricity and anticipation in the air. Even though the event had been going all day, the energy in the place was as if the festivities had just begun.

Word got around that the Councilman had arrived, and Bill was anxious to get the main event moving. Bill stopped for his usual hugs and greetings from friends as he navigated through the crowd towards the stage. There, he spoke about the greatness of Venice, the beauty of the evening, and the joy of being able to represent this unique community. He was joined by Assemblyman Ted Lieu, who also spoke of the distinction of Venice and its place within City of Angels.

This was, however, just the buildup to the main event. As the sun set, the creeping darkness let the audience know that it was time to light the sign. Not just any sign, this was the VENICE sign. The new sign stretched across Windward Avenue, just as the historic VENICE sign did nearly a century ago. There it hung; the main attraction for all who came to the Venice Fest. And now came the time for Bill and Ted to take part in a truly excellent adventure and light the sign for all to see.

For any who had ever experienced the New Years ball drop at Times Square, this was a miniature version. First there was the ceremonial countdown, then the pulling of the switch. The efforts of Todd Von Hoffman, Daniel Samakow, and Daryl Barnett were in the balance of this moment, and Bill and Ted did not let them down.

In the darkness the sign stood as the great sun of the Venice firmament, for all to see and for all to share. People had come from miles to witness this event, and they were not disappointed. In its glowing glory, the sign made a Venetian out of everyone in attendance that evening. And, for the first time in my memory, everyone in Venice actually agreed on something.

Mark Grant
Southern District Director


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