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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Friday, October 05, 2007

Improving Public Safety at the Venice Canals

For years access to the homes on the Venice Canals has been racked by a confusing system of street names and poor signage. This posed a major problem to everyone trying to locate a home in the area, from police officers to pizza boys. By working with the Venice Canals Association (VCA) and Voice of the Canals (VOC) we have been able to resolve an important public safety issue and restore order to the names of the canal courts.

These two organizations collaborated and formed the FastFind Committee to see this project through to completion. This shows what can be done when people come together, in a grassroots effort, to make the community a safer place. This is democracy at its best.

I would like to thank:
Bev Weise, Co-Chair, FastFind Committee
Renee Kaplan, Co-Chair, FastFind Committee
Nadine Parkos, President, Venice Canals Association
Grace Godlin, newly elected Chair, Voice of the Canals and Member, Fastfind Committee
Members of the Venice Canals Association
Members of Fast Find Committee
Members of Voice of the Canals
Mark Henniger who shared his story with the public and helped to educate people on why it was so important to change the street signs.

I would also like to thank the Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering and Department of Transportation staff, especially Mo Blorfroshan. He came out and personally walked though the canals many times to make sure all the signs were addressed and placed in the perfect spots.

Lastly, a big thank you to the emergency services personnel, LAPD and LAFD who supported this effort. They recognize the importance of the street name changes and will now be able to better protect this community.



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