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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Thursday, August 09, 2007

National Night Out to Prevent Crime

On Tuesday Councilmember Rosendahl joined the LAPD Pacific Division, the City Attorney's Office, Los Angeles Recreation and Parks, and over 200 residents of Del Rey to celebrate National Night Out. This event is to commemorate the "24th Annual National Night Out," a unique crime/drug prevention event sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch. Community groups and leaders from Mar Vista and Venice also attended. LAPD gave away prizes, provided a bounce house for children, and sponsored live entertainment. The Councilmember led a procession of citizens from Stoner Elementary School into the Gardens to demonstrate community ownership of the neighborhood and an effort to eradicate to violence from their streets.

It is important for the community to build a relationship with their LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO). Senior Lead Officers are the community liaisons, and they are very accessible to the public. Their cell phone numbers are below, and they are available for non-emergency assistance.

Pacific Division Senior Lead Officers:
Off. Drake Madison - Del Rey East (Mar Vista Gardens) and South Mar Vista - 310-622-3972
Off. Theresa Skinner - Venice/Oakwood - 310-622-3970
Off. Heidi Llanes - Del Rey West - 310-622-3971
Off. Anthony Vasquez - Palms and North Mar Vista/Westdale - 310-622-3975
Off. Thomas Wickes - East Westchester - 310-622-3976
Off. Anthony Ramos - West Westchester - 310-622-3978
Off. Robin Richards - Venice Beach - 310-622-3968


- Nicole Velasquez, Mar Vista and Del Rey Field Deputy


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