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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Westchester's 4th of July Parade

Councilman Rosendahl had a very busy Fourth of July, attending parades, block parties, and a celebration in Venice. At the Westchester on Parade Independence day celebration, the Councilmember got out of Mike Holmes' shiny '68 Chevy Malibu to meet friends both old and new. Bill greeted Assemblymembers Ted Lieu and Curren Price, LAPD Captain Bill Wiliams, Neighborhood Council Representatives Bill Ballerini and Judith Ciancimino with hugs and handshakes, and the Councilman delivered warm "Happy Independence Day!" salutations to each Westchester spectator.

Shouts of gratitude and applause from the Westchester crowd accompanied the procession. Riding shotgun with the Councilman, I heard a yell from the crowd, "Thanks for all your help with the Airport, Bill!" to which the Councilman called back, "No LAX expansion! Have a Happy Fourth!" It was a gorgeous day and a wonderful event.

Isaac Lieberman
Field Deputy Westchester, Playa Vista and Playa Del Rey


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