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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Venice Japanese Community Center

On Sunday, January 20 I joined Hiroshi Furusawa, Counsul General of Japan and Hon. George Nakano at the Venice Japanese Center in Del Rey (VJCC) for the 2008 Shinnen en Kai & Keiro Kai. We honored 20 Keiros - people who have reached 80 years of age.

The Venice Japanese Community Center (VJCC) has served the westside community for more than 75 years. Founded in 1921 to aid and support the small but growing Japanese farming community, the VJCC has become a permanent gathering place for its members. After World War II, this site served as a relocation center for the Japanese Americans returning from internment camps.

VJCC’s mission is to preserve, share and promote Japanese American culture. Today, more than 30 clubs, classes and activities reflect the diverse interests of its members in both the Japanese and American cultures, ranging from traditional arts, such as calligraphy, flower arranging, and martial arts to contemporary activities including basketball, volleyball and line dancing. The Community Center also provides hot lunches for seniors, supports a Boy Scout Troop, serves as an election polling place, and provides meeting space for the Del Rey Homeowners and Neighbors Association.

Thank you to the VJCC (http://www.vjcc.com/) and their many contributions to the community and congratulations to all of the Keiros!

- Bill


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