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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Wednesday, April 19, 2006

People Power

Since taking office, I have held eight "Town Hall" meetings on specific issues, such as crime, vending on Venice Beach, noise and air pollution from Santa Monica airport, and other topics.
These meetings are a hallmark of my governing style: bring everyone in room, have an honest and transparent discussion, seek as much consensus as possible, and then make a fair decision.

We did that again this week in Del Rey. Rumors had been flying around the neighborhood for weeks over different ideas to improve service and facilities at Culver-Slauson Park. Much of the information was false, and many in the community were concerned. We held a meeting at Marina del Rey Middle School. The community turned out in force. City officials were present to present accurate information. All sides were heard.

The result is this: Recreation & Parks has identified funding to improve and expand facilities at the park; I have committed to fight for more money for youth programs in this year's budget; Recreation & Parks will continue to manage Culver-Slauson Park.

Additionally, Recreation & Parks and my office will form a Culver-Slauson Park Advisory Board. It will include representatives of the all segments of the community: park neighbors, community activists, parents, coaches, the Del Rey Neighborhood Council, and representatives of the Mar Vista Family Center. Going forward, we will find ways for everyone to work together and put our children first.



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