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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Celebration of Venice

Abbot Kinney
Originally uploaded by lacityorgcd11.

The 22nd Annual Abbot Kinney Festival was a huge success. Hundreds of people converged onto Abbot Kinney Boulevard for a day of food, fun, and laughter and to celebrate 101 years of the Venice community.

Venice was founded on July 4, 1905 by Mr. Abbot Kinney, a prominent real estate entrepreneur, tobacco mogul and world traveler. Mr. Kinney wanted to build a town reminiscent of Venice, Italy and set out to create "Venice of America". He envisioned a seaside resort town complete with amusement parks, entertainment, and other tourist attractions- the "Coney Island of the Pacific."

101 years later, Venice serves as more than an entertainment destination; it is an historic community bursting with an eclectic mix of people and culture. The Abbot Kinney Festival celebrated the heritage in Venetian style- underground bands performed before cheering crowds, unique shops offered one-of-a kind designs, and delicious foods filled the air with exotic aromas. It was truly a party!

Venice is a unique place that deserves a celebration that reflects its heritage and diverse community. The Abbot Kinney Festival did just that.



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