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Friday, September 22, 2006

FlyAway Remote Check-in Service

Originally uploaded by lacityorgcd11.

I am excited about the new remote check-in service that LAWA has introduced for the FlyAway service that connects LAX to Van Nuys and Union Station. This great new service will allow travelers to check their luggage and get boarding passes at remote check-in centers before catching a non-stop bus to the airport that takes only 45 minutes, even during rush hour.

With this new program, the FlyAway bus service will be an even better alternative to driving and parking at LAX. We've all experienced the traffic headaches, parking fees, and long check-in lines at LAX, but now we can skip all that with the FlyAway bus. After a quick ride on the bus, you can go straight to your departure gate, and your bags will be handled for you. This new program is another example of our city working to ease traffic gridlock and improve the quality of life for commuters and air travelers.

I really like this new program and I want you all to give it a try. Watch for more FlyAway bus routes coming soon, and for more info on this great new program, visit the Los Angeles World Airports website at www.lawa.org.



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