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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nancy and Dick Riordan Trail Dedication

Last week Councilmember Eric Garcetti and I had the opportunity to honor Nancy and Dick Riordan for their immeasurable contributions to Los Angeles' civic life by dedicating the Nancy and Dick Riordan Trail.

When the trail is completed, it will connect two major trail networks within the public parkland. The completed trail will provide access to a network of trails within the "Big Wild," a 21,000 acre public open space area that extends from the San Fernando Valley to the Pacific Ocean. The area is remarkably beautiful and rugged, and from the mountains you can see all the way to Catalina Island.

Not only was this a wonderful chance to recognize a great couple, but the trail itself represents a triumph of cooperation. This trail was made possible through the resolution of a land use dispute over a nearby housing development. I worked closely with Dick Riordan, Castle & Cooke, the Canyon Back Alliance, Save Our Mountains, Inc. (SOMI) and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy to provide trail easements over private open space and allow maximum public access to the invaluable trail system. Funding for the construction of the trail was provided by Castle & Cooke, which is developing the adjacent Mountaingate property.

Nancy and Dick have devoted their lives to making Los Angeles a better place, and this trail is a token of our appreciation. I hope to see you out on the trail!



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