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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Last week, I joined local elected officials for the official groundbreaking of the Exposition Light Rail Line, connecting downtown Los Angeles with Culver City, via the Exposition Boulevard corridor. This 9.6 mile line is fully funded and is under construction by the Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority. This is the first baby step in getting real mass transit extended to the Westside.

The next step is extending the Expo Line from Culver City to Santa Monica. This second phase will really help to alleviate the gridlock plaguing the Westside. The Construction Authority is getting ready to hire the environmental consultant to prepare an EIR for this second phase.

I support the dream of West LA residents to someday connect the Green Line (from LAX) with the Expo Line in Santa Monica. Locally, this is known as the Coastal or Lincoln Light Rail Line. As the Expo Line EIR moves forward, I want to make sure that the Construction Authority is planning for a future connection to the Green Line. This connection would provide direct rail access to LAX from Santa Monica and West Los Angeles. Although the Green Line is not expected to be constructed until after the Expo Line is constructed, planning for the intersection of the two rail lines must occur now, prior to the construction of the Expo Line, Phase 2.

In August, I introduced a motion that provides $250,000 in funding to plan for this future intersection of the Expo and Green light rail lines. Yesterday, the motion was approved by a unanimous City Council vote.



Anonymous Don Johnson said...

Yes we need a Westside Metro Line-
But let us not PLAN another ridiculous route-like the airport that doesn't go to the airport-
We need a direct line that goes from downtown to the S.M.Pier-Not thru Culver City-
How about use the middle of the 10 Freeway-
An express line-
or what about down Santa Monica Blvd
Let us be smart about the planning-No more Politics!
We need this line NOW-

10:06 AM  

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