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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Thursday, November 30, 2006

Open & Transparent Government

Bill often talks about the need for government to be open and transparent - that everyone should know what is going on and should have the opportunity to chime in on issues that concern them. More often than not the complaint/question we get in the Council office is "Why didn't I know about that?" or "Why was I not told?" These questions come from residents who learn of a project that will affect their community, or commute to work, or quality of life.

Well fortunately, the Bureau of Engineering has enabled everyone to learn about and view public projects within the City. Via the internet, by project name, council district, or neighborhood council, you can see existing City projects including time lines, project manager contact info, cost of project, and status. The Councilman gets quarterly reports, but believes that the public should be able to get this information without a lot of effort, and now you can. The City is engaged is some really innovative and/or necessary public improvements that will not only improve City service, but will improve traffic, recreational facilities, and our ability to grow as a City.

If you are interested in learning about public projects in your community, you can find this info at:


Happy Holidays,

Aaron Gross
Deputy Chief of Staff


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