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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Keep Del Rey Moving

On Monday morning, the Councilmember celebrated the completion of the Centinela widening project with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Centinela Avenue business owners, community members, City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works staff, and project contractor Excel Paving were in attendance.

In December, Councilmember Rosendahl took action to expedite the disruptive street widening project, which adversely impacted local businesses. Construction began along Centinela Avenue, between Culver Boulevard and Washington Boulevard, in May 2006 in order to ease traffic congestion along the busy corridor. The project improves the north/south traffic flow by adding an additional north bound and south bound lane. The completed project includes: left turn pockets; repaved and newly striped streets; new sidewalks; additional lighting and landscaping; full time parking on the west side of the street; and restricted parking during peak commute hours on the east side of the street. Local merchants expressed appreciation for the project and believe the improvements will encourage business growth. The project involved coordination between various agencies including Public Works and the Department of Water and Power.

This is an example of another successful City effort to keep the Westside moving!

Nicole Velasquez
Del Rey and Mar Vista Field Deputy


Blogger Ken said...

I'm glad you were able to expedite this effort, but overall, I'm disappointed that, as part of this project...
- No bike lanes or Sharrows were added
- Sidewalks were left very skinny
- Overhead power lines were not put underground
- Bus stop furniture was not improved

1:02 AM  

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