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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rosendahl Reconsidered

When Bill ran for office, one place he found little support was among the editorial pages of our city's major newspapers. Some of them were downright harsh in their condemnations. Frankly, I felt they just didn't "get" Bill. I didn't think they understood how genuine he was. How passionately he cared about the issues. How inherently optimistic he was. How much he really believed people could work together, reach consensus, and do the right thing.

So it was more than a little gratifying to see one of the doubters begin to reconsider. Robert Greene, who covered the campaign for the LA Weekly and now writes for the LA Times - which has a habit of disagreeing with Bill - wrote a lengthy blog post this week taking another look at Bill.

It's an interesting read. Here's the link.

Mike Bonin
Chief of Staff

Santa Monica Welcomes LA Dogs to Airport Dog Park


Last week the Santa Monica City Council approved a policy change that allows non-residents to purchase permit tags for the use of Santa Monica Airport Dog Park. The revised policy also sets a limit of four dogs per person. A review of current policy, allowing only Santa Moinca dogs, found that the park was operating well below capacity. The policy change applies to only Santa Monica Airport Park and can be changed if future demand outgrows park capacity. The new rules take effect January 1, 2008.

For instructions to obtain a Santa Monica dog tag, click here.


Santa Monica Airport Dog Park opened in April 2007, located on the southeast corner of the Santa Monica Airport property. Because of its proximity to Mar Vista, Los Angeles residents were eager to use this wonderful community resource. Unfortunately, the park has only been open to Santa Monica licensed dogs, and dogs licensed in Los Angeles have been denied access to the park. Our office has been working with the City of Santa Monica to gain access for the park's Los Angeles neighbors.

On July 19, the Santa Monica Recreation and Parks Commission approved opening the Airport Dog Park to ALL licensed dogs and their owners for the next six months. They intend to assess the usage during that period and may reconsider the policy if capacity problems arise. The Commission's decision is subject to the approval of the Santa Monica City Council at a future meeting, possibly not until September. In the mean time, L.A. residents can use the dog park without penalty, according to Santa Monica's Director of Community and Cultural Services.

Thank you to The Mar Vista Community Council and all the residents who have been involved in this issue. Thank you for your letters and emails protesting this unfair policy of banning non-resident dogs. Hopefully the Santa Monica City Council will follow the recommendations of their Recreation and Parks Commission and approve a formal end to the ban on Los Angeles' dogs in the Airport Dog Park. Despite our political boundaries we are all neighbors here in the Los Angeles region. This is a great example of how peaceful community activism can create positive change. Thank you for your efforts, and we will keep you updated on future developments.

Click here for a listing of all Los Angeles off leash dog parks