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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Del Rey in Action!

Last week, I had the privilege and honor to attend LA Care's Health Promoters/Promotores Program Graduation. LA Care is one of many organizations worldwide that has embraced a grassroots method of training ordinary residents and teaching them to connect their community to the benefits of healthcare and the healthcare system.

The majority of graduates were from Del Rey. We extend our deepest thanks to the LA Care staff for training the Del Rey residents, but also recognize the Promotores for taking initiative, empowering themselves and making such a huge difference in their community! Congratulations to the following graduates:

Julia Alvarado
Carlos Aguirre
Norma Aguirre
Angelica Alvarez
Cecilia Cruz
Petra Cruz
Guadalupe Esparza
Alicia Flores
Bertha Gomez
Laura Guzman
Sareena Haff
Alejandra Martinez
Alicia Mendoza
Hilda Perez
Monica Peters
Lorena Quezada
Ana Romo
Patricia Valtierra

- Nancy Aguilar
Caseworker, CD11