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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Thursday, November 29, 2007

Q&A with Bill Rosendahl in CityBeat

Published in CityBeat

Nov 29, 2007

Bill Rosendahl

The councilman's life lessons make him a fighter for the underdog and, sometimes, the lone voice of reason.

"When, in his thick and nasal northeastern accent, Bill Rosendahl invokes the word "democracy," he says it with glowing reverence; when he says "capitalism," he spits it out like an unexpected watermelon seed. To him, every issue has international, national, and local ramifications, and every policy has an attendant story of a life-lesson-learned...."

>>Click here for the full article

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A New Left Turn Signal at Sunset and Mandeville

Last week city officials and community members joined me for a dedication ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Sunset Boulevard and Mandeville Canyon Road Street Improvement Project. The $2.7-million-dollar street project included newly constructed left-hand-turn pockets, left-turn lights and widening Sunset Boulevard at Mandeville Canyon.

These improvements will relieve traffic congestion, improve public safety, and beautify a major intersection on the Westside. The Sunset and Mandeville intersection was near the top of my Dirty Dozen list of problem intersections that I developed during my campaign, and I am happy to see this project through to completion so quickly.

A big thanks to all of the public works staff who worked on this project and to the community members who participated in the process as well.


Update: We now have a video of the dedication ceremony. Enjoy!