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Bill Rosendahl - Council District 11






Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Re-Lighting the Historic VENICE Sign

As Bill and I pulled into the parking lot for the Venice Fest around 7:30pm, there was a sense of electricity and anticipation in the air. Even though the event had been going all day, the energy in the place was as if the festivities had just begun.

Word got around that the Councilman had arrived, and Bill was anxious to get the main event moving. Bill stopped for his usual hugs and greetings from friends as he navigated through the crowd towards the stage. There, he spoke about the greatness of Venice, the beauty of the evening, and the joy of being able to represent this unique community. He was joined by Assemblyman Ted Lieu, who also spoke of the distinction of Venice and its place within City of Angels.

This was, however, just the buildup to the main event. As the sun set, the creeping darkness let the audience know that it was time to light the sign. Not just any sign, this was the VENICE sign. The new sign stretched across Windward Avenue, just as the historic VENICE sign did nearly a century ago. There it hung; the main attraction for all who came to the Venice Fest. And now came the time for Bill and Ted to take part in a truly excellent adventure and light the sign for all to see.

For any who had ever experienced the New Years ball drop at Times Square, this was a miniature version. First there was the ceremonial countdown, then the pulling of the switch. The efforts of Todd Von Hoffman, Daniel Samakow, and Daryl Barnett were in the balance of this moment, and Bill and Ted did not let them down.

In the darkness the sign stood as the great sun of the Venice firmament, for all to see and for all to share. People had come from miles to witness this event, and they were not disappointed. In its glowing glory, the sign made a Venetian out of everyone in attendance that evening. And, for the first time in my memory, everyone in Venice actually agreed on something.

Mark Grant
Southern District Director

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Honoring Mar Vista Fire Station 62

On Friday, June 15th Councilman Rosendahl joined the Rotary Club of Century City to honor the fearless members of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

In December 2006, Mar Vista resident Gloria Herrera suffered a heart attack. Her husband called 911, and within 5 minutes Mar Vista's Unit 62 appeared at their door. They lifted her into an ambulance raced her to Centinela Freeman Emergency Hospital in Marina del Rey. Although her heart had stopped, the medical team successfully revived her, and her condition stabilized. Gloria has a new lease on life thanks to the amazing work of the following members of Fire Station 62:

Captain Frank Semenza
Engineer Lou Rodrigues
FF/PM Louis Cerda
FF Ernesto Goldstein
FF/PM Herb Martin
F/PM Stanley Smith

Many thanks to these local heroes and others like them who serve the entire City of Los Angeles!

Nicole Velasquez
Field Deputy Mar Vista and Del Rey

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Venice Art Walls Opening

Yesterday marked the re-opening of the Venice Public Art Walls at Venice Beach. Celebrating arts is part of the character and spirit of Venice Beach, and this constantly changing public gallery for street art is an essential part of that.

The Art Walls, located near the bike path and skate dance plaza, is a showcase for spray an art. It's often called "graffiti art," which causes many people to confuse it with vandalism, or tagging, which the city is cracking down on.

The Art Walls are being curated by ICU Art. More information can be found at www.veniceartwalls.com. Under the guidelines of the new program, painting will be allowed only on weekends, during the day, under the supervision of ICU. Spray-paiting at other times, or in other places, will be strictly punished by law. We're determined to protect our neighbors from tagging.

Here is a link to a collection of photos from yesterday's opening "paint out" celebration. For some of the walls, I've included a series of photos so you can see how the artist went from simple sketch to elaborate work of art in a few short hours.


I hope you make it down to Venice Beach to check out the walls.

-Mike Bonin
Chief of Staff

Students Tour Hyperion Treatment Plant

On May 23, Councilman Rosendahl invited Junior Inspectors from Braddock Elementary School to tour the Hyperion Treatment Plant as part of National Public Works Week. The City of Los Angeles Street Services Bureau, Investigation and Enforcement Division coordinates the Junior Inspectors program which encourages students to participate in improving their communities by protecting storm drains, recycling, and reporting nuisances such as illegal dumping to the City.

The Junior Inspectors visited Hyperion Treatment Plant, the oldest and largest wastewater treatment facility in the City. The plant has been operating since 1894. Initially built as a raw sewage discharge point into the Santa Monica Bay, it has been upgraded over the years to partial secondary treatment (1950), and most recently to full secondary treatment (1998). Hyperion limits wastewater pollution in the world-renowned Santa Monica Bay, protecting the natural beauty of the bay and protecting public health of Los Angeles residents and visitors.

- Nicole Velasquez
Mar Vista and Del Rey Field Deputy

Friday, June 01, 2007

Palisades Citizen of the Year Awards

Last Thursday night I celebrated with the Palisades Community in honoring four amazing Palisadians. Several hundred people turned out to celebrate the achievements these citizens have made in the community.

Emil Wroblicky was named the Citizen of the Year. He has worked tirelessly over the past year on behalf of American Legion Post 283 and on the Palisades Fourth of July parade committee. Emil has showed a true sense of dedication to spreading a patriotic spirit in Pacific Palisades.

Betty Lou Young was named the Community Treasure. As a 53 year resident of the Pacific Palisades, Betty has been able to enlighten the community as the author of many books that outline the hard-fought community battles and the landscape of the community. Her works have helped to preserve the history and small town feel of the Pacific Palisades.

John Grosse received the Sparkplug award for his on going efforts to ease the traffic congestion and parking concerns at Marquez Charter Elementary school. The school and its neighbors are very appreciative of his efforts on this front.

Lisa Taylor also received the Sparkplug award for personally maintaining and removing graffiti from the Haverford Avenue stairway. Her dedication is admirable. She continues to help keep Pacific Palisades a beautiful community in which to live.

Congratulations to this cadre of fantastic Palisadians!


Tour of Brentwood's Archer School

Last week I had a fantastic time touring the Archer School for Girls on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Brentwood. Principle Arlen Hogan showed me around the campus. This was a great way to experience what an amazing education the school has to offer its students.

Principle Hogan showed me the 6,000 square foot library, foreign language lab, the photography studio, ceramics studio, the athletic fields, and classrooms. I enjoyed meeting with many different students while advising them to follow their hearts and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities afforded to them.

I was impressed by all of the students, faculty, and administrators that I met that morning. I was most happy to learn that by working with the Brentwood community the school is able to bus in 83% of all the students. This bussing helps reduce the traffic impacts the school has on the surrounding neighborhood. I look forward to continuing to work with the Archer School as they continue to provide a great education and be a good neighbor.